Summer Camp

Each summer we welcome students from all over the world, many of them returning year after year.

Miracle Mandarin’s Summer Program has a modular system which offers the perfect combination of communicative language learning and a variety of stimulating activities. Children aged from 6 to 16 years old are our main target groups, but adults are very welcome to take the summer camp as well.

  • Fantastic mixture of Chinese classes, culture events and exursions.
  • The opportunity not only to learn a new language but also to discover China.
  • Make new and lasting friendships.
  • Provides the necessary skills to quickly achieve success in a new language.
  • Develops understanding and an appreciation of different cultures.
  • Proven teaching methods to help students gain confidence.

Most importantly, our carefully selected coordinators and monitors ensure that your child is safe all the times.

Miracle Mandarin Summer Program has a modular system which offers the perfect combination of communicative language learning and a variety of stimulating activities.

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Summer Camp 2018 (June 4 to August 24)

Full Time = Monday to Friday, 09:00 ~14:50/15:30

Half Day = Monday to Friday 09:00 ~ 11:50

DurationTuition Fee Half DayTuition Fee Full Day
1 weekRMB 2,600RMB 5,000
2 weeksRMB 5,200RMB 10,000
3 weeksRMB 7,600RMB 15,000
4 weeksRMB 10,500RMB 19,000
5 weeksRMB 12,500RMB 23,750
6 weeksRMB 15,000RMB 28,500
7 weeksRMB 17,500RMB 33,000
8 weeksRMB 20,000RMB 36,000

Enrollment begins Jan 15, 2018.

5% discount if enrolled before Mar 31, 2018.

Another 5% discount for enrolling a 2nd and 3rd child

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Below are just a few examples of what our students can expect to see and do on their Trip


Cultural Activities Overview 文化课列表:
Chinese calligraphy书法
Chinese painting中国画
Chinese movie中国电影
Chinese music中国音乐
Chinese food中国美食
Chinese Opera & Mask京剧脸谱

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Excursions in Shanghai

2-3 excursions weekly where of the following will be visited: Shanghai Zoo, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Museum, The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Tian Zi Fang, Yuyuan Garden, City God Temple of Shanghai, Night View of the Bund, Oriental Land Century Park, Xintiandi, Zhujiajiao, etc..

Excursions in Beijing 

2-3 excursions weekly where of the following will be visited: Temple of Heaven, The Forbidden City, Great Wall, Summer Palace, Mutianyu Great Wall, Hongluo Temple, Beijing Opera, Beijing National Aquatics Center, National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), Wonderland Amusement Park, Beihai Park, Jinshanling, National Museum of China, etc..

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Cultural Lectures

On the Summer Camp our students will be exposed to a wide range of topics covering the basics of Chinese Culture.

ActivityMain Focus
CalligraphyIntroduction to different methods, including; Oracle, Regular Script etc
GeographyNatural and manmade aspects will be looked at such as rivers, desert, cities
EconomyHow China’s Economic policies made it a player on the world stage
HistoryPast Dynasties, historical figures, leaders and more
FestivalsThe social customs behind the festivals and how they came to be
ArtsMusic, Instruments, Beijing Opera, Dance etc.
Kung FuOpposing factions, Famed Martial Artist Practisioners, Their Philosophies
InventionsChinese Inventions from the Ancient Era and beyond
PhilosophersThe works of Confucius, Sun Tzu and more
CuisineThe 8 main Chinese Cuisine types

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Sample Day Camp Program Schedule

ScheduleMonday to Friday
9:00-11:50Chinese Class
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-14:50/15:30Cultural Activities or Field Trips

*1 class hour=50 minutes       10 minutes’ break between 2 classes

*Finishing hour of Field Trips depends on traffic conditions

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