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We provide 8 online level tests in order to assess your Chinese fluency. The gradual difficulty of these tests is what you would expect from HSK Level 1 to Level 4. After you complete the proficiency test feel free to send us an email with the results so that we can arrange the most suitable course for you.

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MM Level 701 + 702

1. Nánjīng lùshì Shànghǎi zuì de dìfang.
2. Nǐshuō Zhōngwén néngbunéng
3. Zhège zhōumò yǒuyíge yóuyǒng bǐsài, wǒmen yìqǐ ba.
这个周末有一个游泳比赛,我们一起______ 吧。
4. 这座真人蜡像做得实在太______了,我第一眼看到的时候还以为是他本人呢。
5. 这孩子挺特别的,别人都爱好电脑动漫,他小小年纪却______上了京剧,现在会唱不少经典段子了。
6. 听说市政府已经在计划重新______这一地区,要把它建成城市的新地标。
MM Level 701 + 702
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