I have heard of teachers doing Chinese language sessions via Skype. Is that the same thing as an online language course?

Skype lessons have become popular, but they are not necessarily the same thing as a full online course. When considering online lessons, you should know about the teacher’s and school’s qualifications and what the course structure and materials will be. Simply chatting via Skype is not the same as taking structured language lessons. Miracle Mandarin has built an online live class platform to provide a more classroom-like experience, with all the factors that make our students successful. This means that the technology has been designed specially for this purpose and the course is built around our methodology and materials, that have proven results. Skype can also be a little unstable and connection quality can vary, another reason we created our own platform.

Who should consider an online Chinese course?

Online Chinese courses are excellent for: those who cannot come to China to study (or might plan to eventually, but wants to get a head start on learning), those who will be moving to China and would like to arrive prepared to communicate, someone who would like to supplement lessons to progress faster. It is also suitable for students with a challenging schedule or location, for whom it would be difficult to attend classes at a language center and any student who wishes to continue studying after a visit to China or completion of a course. Online Mandarin classes fit a variety of needs! You do need to make sure that you have a decent internet connection for online lessons. This is not a problem in most places, and you might want to consider using a wired connection instead of wireless for even better quality.

What is the Miracle Mandarin online course?

Miracle Mandarin offers online Chinese language courses, with the convenience of studying from anywhere. When you are considering online language learning, there are some important things to consider for a successful experience. Here we share when online learning is useful and what elements need to be included in a quality online language learning program.

What is the difference between the visas?

Tourist Visa (L Visa): Tourist visas are valid from 30 days to 90 days, and you can get them through the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country or your travel agent. A tourist visa can be extended in China for a further 30 days. Working Visa ( Z Visa ): You need to get a work permit and apply for working visa. The school can not issue a student visa if you currently holding a working visa in China. Business / Visiting Visa ( F Visa ): F visas require a letter of invitation, are issued for 3 or 6 month and can be extended up to one year in China.

How to apply for a student visa?

Miracle Mandarin is authorized to issue visa papers for full time Chinese program participants.The procedures is: 1) Scan your passport information page and fill in an application form and email it to us; 2) Send a signed digital contract to us (along with the application form and passport details) ; 3) Make the payment by bank transfer, cash or credit card; 4) After all above is confirmed, we will apply for your visa application documents; 5) The visa application documents will be sent to you by FedEx. Valid visa duration depends on the length of your study. We need a minimum of 4 weeks to process the visa application, so applicants need to ensure adequate time in advance, ideally 10 weeks before the course starts.

Do you have accommodation placement?

We are happy to help arrange living accommodation for you at any hotel or serviced apartment of your choice upon request. We offer apartments which are not only conveniently located in the city centre with easy access to metro stations, but also close to shopping centers and department stores. This area is also a major destination for night life and dining out. The apartments offered are provided by room service partners of Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School. If you do not like sharing an apartment with other people then this is your best choice. We have many options available depending on your length of stay and budget.

Do you provide airport pick-up services?

We understand it can be a tad daunting landing in a foreign country especially when you do not speak the local language. This is why we provide a pick-up service from the airport to your hotel / apartment. Fee: 800CNY per trip, for upto 2 guests from Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

How long does it take to get a visa?

Visa length depends on your Chinese program. Normally it is 6 months visa for 5 months study and 12 months visa for 10 months study. 3 weeks is needed to apply for the visa if you are in Shanghai while 6 weeks are needed when you are applying from overseas, so overseas applicants should apply well in advance, ideally 8 weeks before the course begins.

When can I start studying Chinese with Miracle Mandarin?

You can start a private tutoring course whenever you want. Regarding intensive group courses, we have a beginner session starting every first and second Monday of each month. All non-beginner courses start at least 3 times a year (Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Semester) but we often start new courses according to students’ enquiries. For 2016 there are already 6 different starting dates set. Non-beginners can also join on-going courses on any Monday as long as there are available places in the class. So feel free to send your course request to info@miraclemandarin.com

What's the difference between Miracle Mandarin and other language schools?

1) The school was established in 2003, specialized in teaching Chinese as a second language. Miracle Mandarin is one of the oldest and largest Chinese language schools in China.

2) The school is authorized to issue legal documents to obtain study visas or student residence permits in China.

3) The school operates in Beijing and Shanghai but has branches in Europe and North America. Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School is the only Chinese school operating globally.

4) The school emphasizes the quality of teaching and strives to ensure that every student’s stay in China as pleasant as possible. Word of mouth is the life water of the Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School.

Enrollment Procedure

Step1: Enquire by email or by phone;

Step2: Receive confirmation regarding class availability, course info and payment details;

Step 3: Submit the application form and a copy of a valid passport of the applicant; come to the school to register.

Step 4: Pay the tuition and other fees Step 5: Obtain an admission letter and a schedule of the courses.

Will I need a visa to study in China?

A visa is essential for all purposes in China. You can take classes at Miracle Mandarin Chinese School as long as you hold a valid visa.

What are Miracle Mandarin teachers' qualifications?

Miracle Mandarin teachers are all university graduates and degree hold in Chinese and teaching Chinese as a second language. Most of the staff holds a master degree in TCSL as required by China National Educational Department. Further to their basic teachers’ education, every teacher is properly trained with Miracle Mandarin’s method of teaching Chinese as a second language.

Do I need to study a lot out of class time?

We encourage you to practice as much as possible and review your lessons every day. It is no secret that the more focused you are, the faster you learn. However, our method is also designed for students who do not have a lot of time to review. Indeed, teachers use varied material and repetition so that you subconsciously remember and absorb each lesson’s key points.

Is it possible to make up for missed classes?

Yes. You can give the course consultant notice in advance to get lessons to make up for the content you missed so as to catch up with the class. As the lessons are privately given, a fee will apply.

How to pay?

Full payment must be received by the school upon registration. Students can pay by the following 3 ways: 1) Payment by cash (RMB or US Dollar) 2) By credit card (a 3% fee will be charged for foreign credit cards and 1% for Chinese credit cards). VISA and Master Card are both accepted. 3)Payment via bank transfer to the school bank account, foreign currencies accepted include Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, and Japanese Yen. Please ask for a full list of accepted currencies.

What if I do not receive my visa in time for the program for which I have applied?

If you do not receive your visa in time for the program for which you are enrolled, you may join a later Chinese Language program (ONE TIME ONLY) without additional administration costs. Please note that the application fee and the program deposit are non-refundable. In the case of a visa refusal, please see the refund policy below.

What is the Miracle Mandarin teaching method?

Miracle Mandarin employs a unique teaching method to enable students to learn Chinese faster and systematically. Our classes do not use English or another intermediary language since the students are from different nationalities and speak different native languages. Total immersion in a Chinese learning environment helps every student learn fast. Plenty of visual tools, games, role play and presentations are used in the classroom to make the learning experience natural and comfortable. Repetition is the key to subconscious learning. This effective methodology is practiced and realized by our own well trained MM teachers, with the support of our online Chinese learning resources which are available whenever there is Internet access, making it practical and fun.

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