Business Chinese Course

Master professional mandarin communication skills to pursue a career or start your own business in China, Miracle Mandarin Business Chinese course is what you need.

Learn business jargon and vocabulary related to business and office work.Learn how to deal with specific business situations using role play.
Learn about Chinese business culture.Available at all levels.


1. Group Classes

2. Private Tutoring

3. Immersion Chinese

  • Class Size: 3~8 Students
  • 50 Min / Class hour
  • 120 Class hours/ Level
  • Class Size: 1 on 1 or 1 on 2
  • 50 Min / Class hour
  • 120 Class hours/ Level
  • Class Size: Group as well as Private 1 on 1
  • 50 Min / Class hour
  • 120 Class hours/ Level

Schedule & Price

Tuition fees vary according to the length of your program. Please email or call 0086-21-62476388 to inquire.
Student Visa Support: Depending on the course.
Academic Requirement: HSK 3 Proficiency Level
Below is a SAMPLE SCHEDULE for ONE BOOK or ONE LEVEL. You can plan shorter or longer enrollment and tailored program based on it!

Morning Part Time Group4 to 810 or 20Mon, Wed, Fri or Tue, Thur 09:00-11:50
Evening Part Time Group4 to 815 or 30Mon, Wed or Tue, Thur 19:00-20:50
Weekend Group4 to 815 or 30Sat or Sun 09:00-12:50

  • NEW
  • course starts every month for total beginners. Click for more details.
    Non beginners can join a group class on any Monday after a level assessment.

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