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Indian Navy launches first female pilot ever

The Indian Navy has welcomed its first woman pilot, with Sub Lieutenant Shivangi taking control of an aircraft in another significant milestone for the country’s armed forces. 印度海军迎来了首位女飞行员,Shivangi中尉驾驶飞机将成为该国武装部队的另一重要里程碑。 Shivangi, 24, who goes by one name, will be given her wings and join naval operations in a ceremony on Monday. Shivangi的名字只有一个词,今年24岁的她将驾驶飞机参加周一的海军行动仪式。 “It’s a very big thing,”…

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The world’s top longevity town



Do you want to live a long and healthy life? Then you should head to Ikaria and learn from the best. Ikaria is what scientists call a “blue zone” where people have the longest lifespans in the world.

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Love is awkward to embrace you happily

I was four, playing outside in the humid Kentucky air. 我当时4岁,在户外玩,周围是肯塔基潮湿的空气。 I saw my grandfather’s truck and thought, Granddad shouldn’t have to drive such an ugly truck. 看见爷爷的卡车,想着爷爷不应该开这么难看的卡车。 Then I spied a gallon of paint. 于是我偷偷搞来一加仑的油漆。 Idea! I got a brush and painted white polka dots all over the truck. 我有了个好主意!我用刷子在卡车上画满了白色波点。 I was on the…

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The best way to learn foreign languages

In fact, there’s not one trick but a whole suite of tricks to help you learn a language. I’ll use French as an example, but this advice applies to any language. 其实有助于你学习语言的方法不止一种,而是一整套方法。我以法语为例,但这条建议适用于任何语言。 1. Understand the Language Learning Journey 1.理解学习语言的过程 People largely give up because they had the wrong expectations set. So let’s bust some myths:…

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Another breakthrough in solar technology, high enough to make steel

A new startup backed by Bill Gates says it has managed to harness solar energy to greater effect than ever before, generating enough heat from a field of mirrored panels to drive the production of cement, steel and glass – processes that are usually reliant on fossil fuels. 一家比尔·盖茨支持的新公司称对太阳能的利用又上了一个新台阶,镜面板产生的热量足够用于生产水泥、钢和玻璃,而这些生产过程通常依赖化石燃料。 In keeping with our modern age,…