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First high-speed rail than China, once the world’s first



Alta Velocidad Española (AVE) is a service of high-speed rail in Spain operated by Renfe, the Spanish national railway company, at speeds of up to 310 km/h. Alta Velocidad Española translates to “Spanish High Speed”, but the initials are also a play on the word ave, meaning “bird”.
AVE是西班牙的高铁,由西班牙的国营铁路公司 Renfe 运营,它的时速可达每小时310千米。AVE的名字翻译过来是“西班牙高速”,而这个缩写也是个文字游戏,意思是“鸟”。

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Under Armour’s financial situation was under investigation and stock price plummeted

Under Armour stock is sweating hard. Under Armour股价遭受重创。 Shares of the company known for its innovative sports apparel are plummeting, as investors are nervous about the federal investigation into how it does its accounting. 这家以创新的运动服装而闻名的公司现在股价暴跌,联邦政府调查其会计核算方式让投资者们很紧张。 The stock closed at $15.52, down $3.39 or 17.93%. 该股收盘价为15.52美元,跌了3.39美元或17.93%。 The Wall Street Journal first broke the news of the…

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I spent $20 to make the world a better place.

I Paid For A Young Woman’s Groceries 我为一个女孩买了杂货 I was in line at Trader Joe’s and the young woman in front of me had her card declined, she embarrassedly handed the cashier another card, which was also declined and then a final card that was approved for just $5.47. 我在乔氏超市连锁店排着队,排在我前面女孩的银行卡因为余额不足被退回了,于是她不好意思地递给收银员另一张卡,但还是因为同样的理由被退回了,最后她又拿出了一张卡,但余额显示只有5.47美元。 She asked the cashier to…

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Why Starbucks coffee dares to raise prices, and convenience stores only dare to discount

Elasticity is a term used a lot in economics to describe the way one thing changes in a given environment in response to another variable that has a changed value. 弹性是经济学中经常使用的一个术语,用来描述在给定环境中一个变量相对于另一个变量发生一定比例改变的属性。 For example, the quantity of a specific product sold each month changes in response to the manufacturer alters the product’s price. 例如,每个月销售的特定产品的数量随着厂商改变产品的价格而变化。 A more…

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In English, what can you say in addition to “give”?

Give 给予 Means to freely transfer the possession of something to a person, organization or group. What is being transferred (or given) can be any noun. Something can be physically given or information can be given. 指将某事物的占有权自由地转移给一个人、组织或团体。被转移(或给予)的东西可以是任何名词。一些东西可以在肢体上给予或信息上传递。 I am deciding what to give my sister for her birthday. 我正在决定给我妹妹送什么生日礼物。 The witness was forced to give…