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MM unique learning system helps you learn and use Chinese faster.

Powerful Teaching and Learning System

Miracle Mandarin teaching and learning system is developed to support classroom learning, self-learning, preview and review the learning content and track your progress.

1. Frequent interactives with the teacher or the classmates are available in the classroom, and the progress is strictly tracked by online E-Teaching Plan.

2. Miracle Mandarin’s learning apps and flash cards make memorizing work much less tedious and fun.

3. Our main curriculum involves various topics which are practical and fun, as well as in accordance with HSK guidelines.

Enjoy living and studying in Shanghai

Shanghai is a truly international metropolis. You will experience an unforgettable international community city life while exploring local authentic Chinese culture.

1. Convenient school location in central Shanghai.

2. Plenty of exciting places to visit within few minutes’ walk from the school: museums, tourist attractions, shopping malls, bars, restaurants and much more.

Why Learn Chinese in Shanghai

Shanghai is definitely a great place to learn Chinese whilst experiencing a unforgettable journey. During you stay in Shanghai and time at Miracle Mandarin , you will find the most systematic and practical Mandarin Chinese language courses, a worldwide reputation for academic excellence, accredited courses that offer great value for money, a rich history and culture, lots of opportunities for further study or career progression, the chance to study and work if you wish, good travel links around China and Asia.

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