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    Gao YueShanghai

    Head Teacher

    My name is Gao Yue. I have been a Mandarin teacher for over 8 years in Miracle Mandarin. Now I'm focusing on developing the E-learning plan and other products for online courses. I believe what I'm doing can help students feel Mandarin is easy and fun to learn. Join us!

    Li JieShanghai

    Teaching Manager

    Hi, my name is LI JIE, which I would like people to understand me and my job through as "Lively + Industrious + Joyful + Interesting + Efficient". I have a MTCSOL(Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) degree. I love teaching and I am always awaiting you guys start your Chinese journey at Miracle Mandarin. You will definitely have fun and achievements with us. I am sure.
  • Meet MM Teachers

    Gu YijunShanghai

    Deputy Manager,Teaching & Research Department

    My name’s Gu Yijun, you can call me Kathy or Gu laoshi. I joined Miracle Mandarin because I wanted to work in an international setting and believed that this industry would provide me with the best chances to use my TCSOL skills.I think I’m a good learner and a good teacher. Now my goal is to be an excellent problem-solver and team player as well. I’m glad to see the efforts our team has made your Chinese learning easier and you are progressing day after day. You will have a great time in China because you are with me and my team in Miracle Mandarin.

    Shen XiangmengShanghai

    Assitant manager of teaching & development department

    My name is Shen Xiangmeng. “Meng” means “bud” in Chinese. Buds need water and sunshine to grow up. For me, the water is the experience and knowledge I learnt, and the sunshine is the happiness I got. I have grown a lot since my life and work has taught me a lot and pleased me a lot, but I will never stop to grow even sometimes I may have a bad weather.
  • Meet MM Teachers

    Pamela LiShanghai

    Sales Manager

    Hi This is Pamela from Miracle Mandarin Sales Department. Yes I am the "big boss" here. LOL. I think the good thing about this job is that you can actually get to know all kinds of people, with different nationalities, different cultural backgrounds, different languages, different colors, different ways of thinking...But we are all human beings and together we are one——and that is absolutely the sweetest part of this universe. :)

    Lilia Deng JingjingBeijing

    Teaching Director

    I’m Lilia Deng, Teaching Director of Beijing campus. I have been Chinese teacher for 8 years before. I have abundant teaching experiences in teaching Chinese for foreigners. I will try my best to become a good director and offer satisfactory services for students and teachers. It’s very pleasure for me to work with so many excellent co-workers.
  • Meet MM Teachers

    Ning ShuBeijing

    Project Manager

    Hi, I am Ning Shu. I work as a project manager in Beijing campus. I love my job very much! I am excited to work with my co-workers in Beijing campus, we are a such great team full of passion and creations. I am crazy about food, music and travel as well. I love everything beautiful in the world!

    Lily PengShanghai

    Assistant, Teaching Department

    Hello everyone I am Lily. I am the assistant of Teaching Department, responsible for scheduling of teachers and help training o of the teachers. Miracle Mandarin is a school full of vigor and vitality.We have the best teachers and students service. Working and learning with my team is my greatest joy.

The growth and development of Miracle Mandarin can not have been accomplished without our team of professionals. All our teachers are graduated in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language at Shanghai Normal University or East China Normal University and form our elite of teaching and research. Our customer service team is not only warm and thoughtful, they are also seasoned professionals who have been in the business for a longtime. Our IT-team consists of excellent programmers and will keep on providing our students with the latest technological teaching facilities. Everyone is working 100% on giving you the most pleasant experience learning a new foreign language.


Teaching Method

Miracle Mandarin has developed its own teaching method including text books for speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as supporting materials for spelling, vocabulary cards, mobile apps for speaking, listening and memorisation of characters and practising the pinyin system to help you learning new phrases or reviewing your past lesson according to your circumstances.

Our ETP online teaching platform boasts an invaluable resource of teaching materials and is for review for every Miracle Mandarin student, be it in Shanghai, Beijing, Germany or online.


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  • SHNU

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    Authorized National Official HSK test centerBy being one of the two official test centers in Sh... More Details
  • CSN

    Accredited school of CSN(Swedish National Board of Student Aid, CSN) More Details


Student Testimonials

Miquel Cardona (高磊)
+1700 China Sales Manager
at Flamagas (Puig Group)
I studied 8 months in Miracle Mandarin and thanks to that I was able to reach a medium level of Chinese. The teachers and group dynamics were very effective. Moreover Miracle Mandarin has multiple locations in Shanghai and different program formats making the learning adapted to each person’s needs.
Aurélie VALLET
Charleroi Area
I came from Belgium to study Chinese Mandarin in Shanghai. I have been studying in Miracle Mandarin (Jingan Campus) for almost two month and I strongly improved my speaking skills as well as my ability of understanding. I found the teaching staff really kind and available to help us even after courses hours, they also help us with the Shanghai life (find a place, how to get there, etc.). Plus the school propose free applications for mobile which allow me to keep on studying Mandarin !
石立仁 D.Sriram
China at IMD Media Ltd.
I've seen MM both as a student (for 6 weeks), and also from sending my son there for 4 weeks. I found MM very organized and effective - the improvement that we experienced in a short time was proof of the effectiveness of their methods and training material. I was a Mandarin speaker before I attended classes at MM, but my reading skills went up very quickly after my 6 weeks there. I liked the discipline and the structure of their approach but also enjoyed myself - so it wasn't a boot camp!
Paola Caretta
Festival Coordinator at WAR
ON SCREEN Festival International de Cinéma
If you are serious about studying Mandarin, then don't think twice. The teaching programme at Miracle Mandarin is not only effective and reliable but the teachers and the environment make it a truly enjoyable and fun experience. I have learnt Mandarin Chinese at Miracle Mandarin for over a year and was able to communicate efficiently after only a few weeks and today (after 7 years without practice) I can still communicate and read. Their method and training material are unique.
Gael Lapierre
Gael Lapierre, Account Manager at DEKRA CTI Testing & Laboratories Services I spent 6 months taking intensive course at Miracle Mandarin. I can say that the program is pretty well done and the teachers are serious. the 5 - 6 persons class allow the student to interact a lot together and the teacher make the lessons lively, that helps to progress quickly with the speaking. I'm now able to use chinese in my daily life and even at work!
Irina Malashevskaya
Irina Malashevskaya, Market Analyst, Industrial Marketing, IT & Appliances at Bayer MaterialScience I am writing this recommendation to express my gratitude for the motivational experience and the zeal with which your team and your school treated me. I completed several courses in the school and I have to say it gave me a lot of courage and motivation as well as knowledge and experience. My special thanks go to Emma for the organizational and administrative activities which always fulfilled my expectations. I am quite difficult as an audience being a teacher of languages myself (I am a native Russian with knowledge of English and German), I am one of the toughest audience that any teacher could ever face. But the school staff pulled it off mostly in fine style, due to the fact of high professional level and reach experiences of teachers there as well as well-chosen teaching material. In a group we sometimes got the feeling that we were engaged in a real life, not lessons. It felt real, authentic, and sincere. We students responded extremely well to this. The recurrent themes that streamed through the hour were timely and appropriate for adolescent students. It spoke directly to the critical issues that we faced in our daily lives. Thanks for your great efforts and your help and motivation in mastering one of the most difficult languages in the world.
Simone Schmidt
Great Time! I would like to thank Nicole very much. She is a great teacher, always with a smile on her face. Also thanks to Shelly, Manna and Xinxin, you are also good teachers! It's my first time here in China, Shanghai, and I'm glad to have found such a great school. Nick, the manager on the Pudong campus, was always there for me when I had a question or needed help. And even with my classmates I was very lucky. Unfortunately, I have now returned to Germany, because I am leaving not only a great school, also new friends. Many thanks to all of you for the great time that you have given me and also thank you that I was able to learn the chinese language so easily.


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