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About Miracle Mandarin

How did we get to choose our name? Actually it was chosen for us. When we just started back in 2003, a 70 year old student from the United States took our classes and in a month time he met over 100 characters, and was able to write simple Chinese sentences. He was very surprised and said 'I did not expect at this age I'd still be able to learn Chinese. But not only I can learn to speak Chinese, I can even write Chinese characters! This is really a miracle!'


I came from Belgium to study Chinese Mandarin in Shanghai. I have been studying in Miracle Mandarin (Jingan Campus) for almost two month and I strongly improved my speaking skills as well as my ability of understanding. I found the teaching staff really kind and available to help us even after courses hours, they also help us with the Shanghai life (find a place, how to get there, etc.). Plus the school propose free applications for mobile which allow me to keep on studying Mandarin !

—Aurélie VALLET


       In Miracle Mandarin


       you do not just learn Chinese     


       but also deal with real life 


       and business situations.



Miracle Mandarin is founded in 2003 and since then:
- Over 10 years of experience in teaching Chinese as foreign language
- Over 200 experienced and professional teachers
- Over 10,000 students have participated in our classes
- We have developed our own curriculum

What's different about our curriculum?
- 8 MM levels cover the complete range of HSK levels 1-6
- Our teaching method is practical and full of fun





Apps especially developed to support the Miracle Mandarin curriculum facilitate you to learn or review at any time and any place.



Our online teaching complements our physical curriculum and makes it easier to learn at your desired location and time.

Online teaching is based on two systems:
1. 1-to-1 real classes using our Skyroom. This makes it easy to learn Chinese while not in China, but also for students who can not make it for one or more classes in our school.

2. E-teaching Platform, for the ones who prefer to learn by themselves. The ETP makes it easier to choose your own time and place, as well as study speed.

No matter if you are studying in our Beijing, Shanghai or German campus, or use the Miracle Mandarin Skyroom, all students will receive the same curriculum and teaching methods which will facilitate:
- Conversion of learning campus
- Conversion from physical teaching to online learning
- Conversion from online learning to physical learning







Miracle Mandarin is an official centre for HSK examination

We can guarantee that you pass the HSK-1 test after completing our Level 1!