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    RMB 640 00 per week
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    • Part time
    • Tuesday and Thursday
    • 09:00 to 12:50
    • Small group
  • Jing An Campus Shanghai

    RMB 320 00 per week
    • Level Beginner
    • Part time
    • Saturday or Sunday
    • 09:00 to 12:50
    • Small group
  • Jing An Campus Shanghai

    RMB 1300 00 per week
    • Level 1-8
    • Intensive
    • Monday to Friday
    • 09:00 to 12:50
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    • 美丽


      Dear Miracle Mandarin Team, I want to thank every single person working for this amazing language school. You have been more than welcoming. I really enjoyed my time here: the classes are very practical and interesting and the after school activities taught me a lot about Chinese culture. Moreover, I made a lot of new friends, because Miracle Mandarin is also a community. Everybody is very helpful and kind. Thank you Miracle Mandarin- you are awesome!

    • Felice


      Hi everyone, My name is Felice, I come from Italy. I choose to come in this school and start to learn Chinese because I think that this language will be one of the most important languages in the world. Before to come here, I was sceptic to all of this country, its culture and its people, even if I always loved Asia’s places ….Now I can tell everyone that I was wrong!! I love Shanghai! I love the people, their culture and the food (yes also the food)! All of this, thanks to my school and my teachers 田老师和杨老师..they was so professionals and at the same time friendly, the perfect mix to improve what you learn everyday at the lessons. We were like friends and even if the lesson was hard and complicated, they found the way to help me, always. So, I write this letter now, to tell you…THIS IS THE BEST CHINESE SCHOOL IN SH!! For sure I will come again, I don't know when, but I know that my future choice will be Miracle Mandarin. I want to say thanks also to all the other people and teachers that helped me in this adventure! Thank you! We will see again another time! :)

    • Chris 豆腐


      I have been studying Chinese for six months and I think it’s so important. China is such an interesting country, but if you speak Chinese you can discover even more. Thank you Miracle Mandarin, my Chinese has improved so much since I've been here! Thanks everyone! Jiāyóu加油!!

    • Stephanie Taylor


      I have thoroughly enjoyed learning Chinese at Miracle Mandarin School Beijing campus .I love the fact that the teachers are flexible and lessons are tailored to individual needs, be that business Chinese, or just learning the everyday basics. I cannot believe how much I have learned in just a few weeks.

    • Kate Cotty


      The classes are interactive and enjoyable. The vocabulary we learn is useful in daily life and we practice in varied ways- listening, visual speaking, etc. So it's very easy to recall what we have learnt.

    • Philippe La Fontaie


      Teachers are all nice and atmosphere is pleasant. Everyone is always helpful. I enjoyed my classes at Miracle Mandarin. I believe I'll be back for next year's summer camp;)

    • Omar Lopez


      When I began to study mandarin, I faced a lot of opportunities. I chose Miracle Mandarin and it was the best decision ever. The campus location was super convenient, the materials are easy to understand, but the best of all in my experience were the teachers. They were patient and could go from slow to fast paced teaching when needed. After class I received a lot of support from other teachers and that kept me motivated. My special recommendation would go for YiJun Gu, who found very unusual ways like linking teachings to TV series, and topics that interested me but we're not in the standard course. She encouraged me and was at a calls reach should I found myself stuck in china. Such an amazing person and friend. Thanks for everything guys!

    • Simone Schmidt


      Great Time! I would like to thank Nicole very much. She is a great teacher, always with a smile on her face. Also thanks to Shelly, Manna and Xinxin, you are also good teachers! It's my first time here in China, Shanghai, and I'm glad to have found such a great school. Nick, the manager on the Pudong campus, was always there for me when I had a question or needed help. And even with my classmates I was very lucky. Unfortunately, I have now returned to Germany, because I am leaving not only a great school, also new friends. Many thanks to all of you for the great time that you have given me and also thank you that I was able to learn the chinese language so easily.

    • Irina Malashevskaya


      Irina Malashevskaya, Market Analyst, Industrial Marketing, IT & Appliances at Bayer MaterialScience I am writing this recommendation to express my gratitude for the motivational experience and the zeal with which your team and your school treated me. I completed several courses in the school and I have to say it gave me a lot of courage and motivation as well as knowledge and experience. My special thanks go to Emma for the organizational and administrative activities which always fulfilled my expectations. I am quite difficult as an audience being a teacher of languages myself (I am a native Russian with knowledge of English and German), I am one of the toughest audience that any teacher could ever face. But the school staff pulled it off mostly in fine style, due to the fact of high professional level and reach experiences of teachers there as well as well-chosen teaching material. In a group we sometimes got the feeling that we were engaged in a real life,.

    • Gael Lapierre


      Gael Lapierre, Account Manager at DEKRA CTI Testing & Laboratories Services I spent 6 months taking intensive course at Miracle Mandarin. I can say that the program is pretty well done and the teachers are serious. the 5 - 6 persons class allow the student to interact a lot together and the teacher make the lessons lively, that helps to progress quickly with the speaking. I'm now able to use Chinese in my daily life and even at work!

    • Paola Caretta


      If you are serious about studying Mandarin, then don't think twice. The teaching programme at Miracle Mandarin is not only effective and reliable but the teachers and the environment make it a truly enjoyable and fun experience. I have learnt Mandarin Chinese at Miracle Mandarin for over a year and was able to communicate efficiently after only a few weeks and today (after 7 years without practice) I can still communicate and read. Their method and training material are unique.

    • 石立仁 D.Sriram


      I've seen MM both as a student (for 6 weeks), and also from sending my son there for 4 weeks. I found MM very organized and effective - the improvement that we experienced in a short time was proof of the effectiveness of their methods and training material. I was a Mandarin speaker before I attended classes at MM, but my reading skills went up very quickly after my 6 weeks there. I liked the discipline and the structure of their approach but also enjoyed myself - so it wasn't a boot camp!

    • Aurélie VALLET


      I came from Belgium to study Chinese Mandarin in Shanghai. I have been studying in Miracle Mandarin (Jingan Campus) for almost two month and I strongly improved my speaking skills as well as my ability of understanding. I found the teaching staff really kind and available to help us even after courses hours, they also help us with the Shanghai life (find a place, how to get there, etc.). Plus the school propose free applications for mobile which allow me to keep on studying Mandarin !

    • 美丽 美丽
    • Felice Felice
    • Chris 豆腐 Chris 豆腐
    • Stephanie Taylor Stephanie Taylor
    • Kate Cotty Kate Cotty
    • Philippe La Fontaie Philippe La Fontaie
    • Omar Lopez Omar Lopez
    • Simone Schmidt Simone Schmidt
    • Irina Malashevskaya Irina Malashevskaya
    • Gael Lapierre Gael Lapierre
    • Paola Caretta Paola Caretta
    • 石立仁 D.Sriram 石立仁 D.Sriram
    • Aurélie VALLET Aurélie VALLET
  • May. 20th, Chinese Cooking Class in Jing'an Campus

    Do you like Chinese dish? Have you dreamed of cooking a Chinese dish by yourself?

    This is your opportunity to show your potential talents!

    Miracle Mandarin teacher will show you how to cook Mo'po toufu & fried tomato and eggs.

    Join us & Have fun!

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  • Learn Chinese in Miracle Mandarin

    Together with all our teachers and other students you will enjoy a rich community life. Apart of the Chinese classes, Miracle Mandarin organizes regular activities during which you can catch up with your friends and meet new, interesting people from all over the world. By joining us you will not only benefit from the most efficient way to learn Chinese, but also create your own global network!

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  • HSK Test Center

    Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School is a certified test center, approved by Hanban, the governmental organisation dealing with the only official Chinese test. You can take exams directly at our school.

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  • Student Visa Support

    Authorised to issue visa papers for fulll time Chinese program participant. Valid visa time depends on your study duration. We need minimum 4 weeks to process the visa application, so applicants need to have adequate time in advance, ideally 10 weeks before the course starts.

    More detail please visit: http://www.miraclemandarin.com/service/

    See more at: http://www.miraclemandarin.com/resources-1/#sthash.wIQ2hhMb.dpuf

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